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Jan 30, 2013 6:00pm EST
in that environment? okay. retail sales weren't that bad. but they nose dived right at the end of the quarter. retailers were afraid to restock inventory figuring that spending would drop off the cliff right along with the nation's finances. it was all in all a very bad time for our nation. now, overlay the storm of the century for the northeast. one that shut down the wealthiest area of the country for several weeks and caused what ultimately may be $100 billion in damage. you had the physical shutdown from the storm neatly and miserably dovetailing with the mental shutdown caused by washington. the result, the abysmal and artificially reduced gross domestic product number we saw today. most money managers are fixated on that top-down analysis. they look at those numbers, they care, they correctly detected the secession the business in this country was undergoing. they pulled in their horns because of it. some cases, dramatically. i understood it. say we came in to 2013 over the fiscal cliff. i would say the vast majority of money managers out there believed we could be down 5%, 6%, 10% on t
Jan 29, 2013 6:00pm EST
place on earth and put millions of people to work including in a more secure environment. we are barely scratching the surface of natural gas use. there isn't enough natural gas to sell cars in this country. what a sad set of circumstances. stick with cramer.
Jan 29, 2013 11:00pm EST
secure environment. we are barely scratching the surface of natural gas use. ford admitting there isn't enough natural gas infrastructure to sell nat gas cars in this country. what a sad set of circumstances. stick with cramer.
Jan 24, 2013 6:00pm EST
normal seasonal guidance out of respect for that environment. and what really happened, the sequential story is very, very strong. the numbers you talked about included some m&a, but we were ahead of normal expectations, particularly on you are i.t. business. and what i would tell you is there was certainly a factor of that delay and deferral we talked about in september that actually came in strong in december. >> well, look, you go over the conference calls pretty extraordinary. you talk about europe. you say a lot of it's eastern europe, uk and germany. i mean, there has been weak demand for two years, but demand grew 20%? how is that possible? >> no, it was aided by a acquisition we closed early in the quarter overall. what i would tell you is on an organic basis, our european computer business is still down double digits year-on-year, though. >> that's fair, but you did say positive things about how this month's going. for your company and also that inventory's low, which i think is a great tell of 2013. >> well, we were very proud of the cash flow for the quarter and, of course,
Jan 25, 2013 6:00pm EST
. to me what people don't realize is what the environment's just plain gotten better. think about the guests i had on the show last night, rick hamada the ceo of avnet. when izz his company reported he had very little o'good to say. rick came on the show and said that business was fundamentally sound and his company came in and was buying stock hand over fist after being out of the market when the stock was higher because it was now such a terrific opportunity in the high 20s. sure enough the report yesterday and it was terrific and yes the stock's down 35 and change. well above where it was before the previous shortfall. the moral of these stories this market forgives, forgets, and then goes higher. which is why most of the weakness you see in individual stocks are indeed b.o., buying opportunities. and boy, this b.o. smells good.
Jan 28, 2013 6:00pm EST
and what doesn't in initial public offering. granted, the environment's gotten better. but there are many things we can learn from what happened in 2012. first of all, as difficult as last year may have seemed at times, the overall ipo market was pretty darn robust. in terms of price appreciation, the public company was up 20.5% versus 13.4% gain, the s&p 500. in 2012, ipos gave you an average first-day spike, that's not too shabby. however, while the general direction was up, it was a major divergence within 2012's cohort. a lot of winners and quite a few losers too. what separated the winners from losers? what made the difference between an ipo that popped huge on the first day of trading and kept running and one that did a big fat belly flop? simple, one word, growth. last year the ipos with real sustainable unquestionable growth were the best performers. and this is a dynamic that only continued in 2013 where the market's appetite for growth cannot be sated. consider 2012's best-performing ipos. top eight performers each gave you at least about a double. it's an important list, people
Jan 31, 2013 6:00pm EST
of the slow interest rate environment. we pulled a lot of levers in our liability side, lowered our cost of interest bearing deposits and liabilities and also grew loans, which has been helpful. >> we've been very bullish on "mad money" on the midwestern region because of the resurgence of manufacturing. you think some of your strength also comes from the fact where you're located? >> i will tell you absolutely this regional economy in the midwest and extending up into the northeast where we have a significant part of our franchise is what i was called first in to the recession and first out. we've seen industrial and manufacturing come back strong and we're well-positioned to not only blend into that but really capitalize on a wide range of opportunities there. so that has been a real growth area and a strength for us. >> okay. now this morning, bernstein research, in a piece i didn't care for but i wanted to get your response. they took key from a hold to a sell saying that it would probably be difficult for you to make as much as you did this year next -- as much as you're going to do
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)